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By ticking on the box 'have read and agree with the Quit Claim' on the website of Live Your Dream Ocean Racing FoundationI hereby provide my consent to Live Your Dream Ocean Racing Foundation to reproduce and/or make available to the public and/or distribute, at its sole discretion, each and any photographic material that I have provided to Live Your Dream Ocean Racing Foundation for communication and marketing purposes of Live Your Dream Ocean Racing Foundation and its activities, for encouraging people to participate in a Live Your Dream Ocean Racing Team at the first following edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, irrespective of whether I have knowledge of such use of the aforementioned photographic material on the date of signing this Quit Claim. The use of the photographic material by Live Your Dream Ocean Racing Foundation may include but is not limited to publishing the photographic material on the sailing ships of Live Your Dream Ocean Racing Foundation. 

  • I understand and agree that any funds or monetary support I provide to the LYD campaign will be used towards participating in the Volvo Ocean Race

  • I further understand and agree, that in the event of failure to participate in the aforementioned event, I will not be reimbursed and my funds will instead be used to support the Live Your Dream Foundation.

  • I hereby warrant that I am the owner of any and all copyrights and moral rights pertaining to the photographic material that I have provided to Live Your Dream Ocean Racing Foundation. I guarantee that the photographic material does not infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties.

  • To the extent permitted by Dutch law, I hereby waive any and all moral rights pertaining to the photographic material. Insofar as waiving of moral rights is not permitted by Dutch law, I will not claim such moral right before consulting Live Your Dream Ocean Racing Foundation on this point.

  • I hereby waive my right to any payment, remuneration, damages or any other amount payable by Live Your Dream Ocean Racing Foundation in relation to the receipt of the aforementioned photographic material, regardless of the legal basis of such claim.

  • I understand that the surplus of this campaign goes to benefit the LYDF.

  • I hereby declare that I am 18 years or older.








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